Coastal Health USA’s Infection Control Plan

Audit, Implement, Maintain

Businesses are being required to develop an Infection Control Plan (ICP) due to the exposure of harmful bacteria and viruses. Our staff works with you to develop, deploy, and maintain an ICP custom to your business or facility. The comprehensive ICP document includes our full audit, implementation and maintenance procedures, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) & Center for Disease and Control (CDC) guidelines, hygiene best practices, workflows & procedures when employees get sick, a return to work checklist, and more. Each custom ICP comes with official certification that our clients have met the requirements handed out by their state and OSHA.

Utilizing 3M™ Clean-Trace™ Surface Swabs, our ICP begins with an onsite audit to test high-touch points and surfaces that include door handles, desks, breakrooms, shared equipment, and more. Once the data is collected, we analyze the overall organic matter on a surface, including living/viable organisms, but it also includes non-viable organisms, bodily fluids, secretions, excretions etc. This data by ISSA and Environmental Hygiene standards can translate into how clean is the overall area in the facility. A custom SurfaceHealth™ solution package is then recommended per your results to provide your customers and employees with solutions for a cleaner and safer environment. Ongoing maintenance testing with 3M technology ensures your SurfaceHealth™ solution package is still effective against reducing potential cross-contamination risks in your facility and lets the Management know that their new Infection Control Policies are being adhered to.

Learn more below about how our SurfaceHealth™ solutions provide your business with cleaner surfaces, easier access to sanitary devices, fewer sick days, comfortability, and more protection on multi-use applications.

Our SurfaceHealth™ Products

SurfaceHealth™ Environmental Testing

SurfaceHealth™ environmental hygiene audit serves as the foundation of our ICP for your facility. Our infection control analysts will come to your facility to perform an overall custodial audit through observation, process analysis, and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) testing with 3M™ technology. Our SurfaceHealth™ audit will reveal where the hot spots are for cross-contamination (bacteria and viral) and where your current custodial program needs adjusting. The goal of our audit is to find out the overall effectiveness of your current custodial processes, and spotlights which areas are potential risk areas for the facilities staff and clientele. After the initial audit, we schedule a meeting with you to review our observations, discuss the tests’ data, and put a corrective infection control plan into place.

Download our guide to learn more about our infection control plan development, and ongoing compliance.

Our SurfaceHealth™ Products

SurfaceHealth’s™ onsite audits, leveraging the best of breed 3M ATP testing, takes customers through a multi-stepped Infectious Control Plan (ICP) that includes: An overview of your current janitorial plan, your company’s information/current environment, an onsite facility walkthrough, an audit plan, recommendations based on infection control best practices, and ongoing compliance.

Download our guide to learn more about our infection control plan development, and ongoing compliance.

SurfaceHealth™ Antimicrobial Hardware Technology

SurfaceHealth’s™ antimicrobial hardware technology reduces bacteria on door handles, rails, and other high-touch and high-traffic areas. Designed with passive EPA registered antimicrobial technology, our hardware product helps significantly reduce the transfer of bacteria and viruses. Our technology is retrofitted to your custom environment, so there is no need to replace your current hardware.

SurfaceHealth™ Antimicrobial Film Technology

SurfaceHealth’s™ antimicrobial Film is retrofitted for your company’s devices and reduces bacteria on touch screens, all-in-one PC’s, tables, grocery cart handles, food trays, display counters, walls and partitions, elevators buttons, and POS systems. Your technology can be sprayed and wiped regularly to reduce the risk of damaging devices using traditional and ineffective sterilization methods while increasing your operational costs.


AirHealth™ Purification Technology

Our AirHealth™ Purification Technology gives you complete room coverage with intelligent airflow to eliminate and combat 99.99% of airborne coronavirus. Utilizing active technology, suction-based HEPA filtration systems employ ions to capture and kill harmful VOCs, bacteria, and viruses with passive technology. Easily manage your room’s air quality and stay up to date with the latest air quality by downloading the app and connecting to an Amazon Alexa. Create and maintain clean air 24/7 with AirHealth™. 

SurfaceHealth™ UVC-LED Technology

SurfaceHealth’s™ UVC-LED Cabinets will sanitize your personal and shared devices such as phones, masks, gloves, and pens from bacterial buildup. UVC-LED cabinets provide targeted and effective infection control solutions to organizations of any size. UVC solutions significantly reduce your risk, help you manage complex compliance challenges, and differentiate you from other organizations. SurfaceHealth’s UVC Desktop Cabinet easily sanitizes your keyboards, cellphones, mice, and other items, while promoting healthy posture and optimal comfort.

SurfaceHealth™ EPA Registered Disinfectant

SurfaceHealth’s™ EPA-approved disinfectant provides an unparalleled combination of high efficacy and low toxicity with 30-second bacteria and virus kill times. Unlike harmful and harsh cleaners such as Bleach, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Ammonium sprays; our solution provides 24-hour residual protection to free your staff from continual cleaning throughout the day. Additionally, our disinfectant is registered as a no-rinse food contact surface sanitizer.

SurfaceHealth™ Washable & Antimicrobial Input Devices

SurfaceHealth’s™ input devices are not the everyday keyboard, mice, or barcode scanner. Our input devices are made to IP-68 submersible standards and are embedded with an EPA registered antimicrobial, always working to reduce exposure to bacteria and viruses. They can be washed, and even placed into dishwashers and other cleaning products.

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