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Improving Hygiene at a Major
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"We decided to use the products from Coastal Health USA to not only help control the spread of COVID-19 and related contaminations on high use surfaces but to also reassure our customers that we are doing everything we can to provide a safe environment for their shopping needs. The Staff here at Frank's Bakery was also happy to see the added protections in place and readily began using the decontamination box for their cell phones and keys when they arrive at work as well as when they are leaving. I think that this product helps reassure the staff and customers that we are doing all we can to keep our place of business contamination-free and safe for employees and customers alike. It is a welcome addition to sanitizing schedules and helps save time lost through repeated sanitation high traffic surfaces that would otherwise be necessary."
- Frank Gibaldi - Owner


"Coastal Health USA installed their solutions in our office after a custom assessment on all of our high-touch areas. I felt it was important to upgrade to their high-tech solutions over traditional cleaning methods."

- Jack Corrao - Managing Partner


"Coastal Health USA’s knowledge of infection prevention helped our cleaning protocols become more consistent and safer for our ENF families and Staff."

- Richard Nares, Founder of ENF


"Our studio didn't want to just open up with the same procedures as before. After seeing what businesses of all types are doing to provide a cleaner environment for their employees and guests, we knew we had to do the same. Coastal Health USA came onsite to highlight all the high-touch areas that are interacted with. They installed their antimicrobial sleeves on door handles and provided us with the blueprint to make our team and guests feel safer upon coming into the studio."

- Mary Paluso, Owner of Studio 69


"As a restaurant, we needed to do whatever it took to ensure our customers and staff return to a safe environment. Coastal Health USA came to us with the plan to stop germs and bacteria before they enter our restaurant. During COVID-19, we realized that establishments were going to change and this was one of the first steps our team has made. We're excited to welcome our staff and employees to a cleaner and safer environment!"

- Joe Scuito, Owner of Tios Leo’s


"The team from Coastal Health USA were on site to install new virus and bacteria mitigation techniques including antimicrobial tape for doors, handles, and other high-touch areas in restrooms and entryways, UVC-LED devices to decontaminate keys, cell phones, and commonly held items in under 3 minutes, computer keyboards that are also antimicrobial and washable, Disinfectant spray that is designed to bacteria and viruses in 30 seconds and provides residual protection from between 12 to 24 hours. All these products are EPA and FDA approved. We are proud to have our partners at Coastal Health supporting our efforts to protect this very vulnerable population."

- Kevin Faulconer, Mayor of San Diego

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Return to Work Safely

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