Audit, Implement, Maintain

Daycare facilities host dozens of children every day. Anyone could bring in a communicable virus and infect others, which could spread to their families and beyond. Daycares need to develop and execute an Infection Control Plan (ICP) to provide a safer environment for their employees and students. Our ICP audits your environment’s health score, recommends disinfection solutions, and audits these solutions to ensure they’re still effective. Numerous antimicrobial products help reduce germs and bacteria, but they aren’t as effective without a proper ICP that audits their effectiveness altogether. After utilizing these antimicrobial products, daycares must have the right processes and technology to audit and maintain them. Without our 3M™ Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) tester, it is unknown how effective antimicrobial products are.

Most children don’t understand the importance of cleanliness and come into contact with germs all over the playground and classrooms. In order to help reduce the number of germs that enter daycare facilities, antimicrobial technology is recommended. This technology helps reduce 99.99% of germs on high touch areas such as door handles, toys, books, and more.

Coastal Health USA provides our customers with a detailed ICP that includes:

  • A comprehensive cleanliness audit report (ATP testing) powered by 3M™ to reveal the surfaces that need to be cleaned the most.
  • A custom SurfaceHealth™ package of EPA and FDA registered antimicrobial and UVC solutions that reduce germs and bacteria on high-touch surfaces.
  • Ongoing audits to ensure your facility maintains the highest level of cleanliness based on cleaning and disinfecting processes and technology.
  • Onsite facility assessments to customize an infection-control plan that includes a recommended solutions bundle specific to your facility.

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