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From dozens to possibly thousands of workers coming into factories daily, there is an increased risk of spreading germs and viruses. While it’s not possible to completely rid factories of all infectious agents, there are ways to drastically reduce them. Whether it’s on the factory floor or in the corporate office, there are areas and equipment that are hotbeds for germs that can be reduced with UVC-LED’s and antimicrobial technology.

Coastal Health USA provides onsite facility assessments to customize an infection-control plan that includes a recommended solutions bundle specific to your physical establishment.

Our manufacturing solutions bundle includes antimicrobial technology to:

  • Reduce exposure to germs from doorknobs/handrails/machine knobs via protective antimicrobial sleeves on these high-touch areas.
  • Ensure the protective sleeves continue to reduce bacteria with an antimicrobial surface disinfectant (COVID-19 Rated).
  • Remove 99.99% of bacteria from devices such as pens/pencils/markers, iPads/touch-screen devices, calculators, and other similar items with a UVC-LED disinfecting case.
  • Prevent germ growth from touch-screen devices with an antimicrobial panel protector.
  • Antimicrobial washable keyboards and mice for staff.

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