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Depending on the grade level, classrooms and libraries can see anywhere from a couple of dozen to thousands of people per day. It’s nearly impossible to track who has interacted with a sick individual before coming to school. Unbeknownst to them, the infected student or staff member is now interacting with other people and items.

Elementary and high school students constantly touch the same chairs, desks, and surfaces as their classmates. At a college level, students daily use the same door handles, eat on the same tables, and sit in the same lecture halls as thousands of fellow students. Ensuring your education facility is doing what it can to reduce germs will help the students and their families feel more comfortable upon returning to class.

Coastal Health USA provides onsite facility assessments to customize an infection-control plan that includes a recommended solutions bundle specific to your education facility.

Our education solutions bundle includes antimicrobial technology to:

  • Reduce exposure to germs from doorknobs/handrails via protective sleeves on these high-touch areas.
  • Ensure the protective sleeves continue to reduce bacteria with an antimicrobial surface sanitizer (COVID-19 Rated).
  • Remove 99.99% of bacteria from devices such as pens/pencils/markers, iPads/touch-screen devices, pencil cases, scissors, calculators, and other similar items with a disinfecting case.
  • Prevent germ growth from touch-screen devices with a panel protector.
  • Antimicrobial washable keyboards and mice for staff.

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